img_1687“Khulti zulfon ne sikhaye mausamo ko shayari”… it is one of the songs which I love very much.

Hair is considered an ornament for ladies. So it is advised by our grandmother and mother to take care of this ornament. But it is very difficult to keep hair beautiful in this age of pollution. I always try to make my hair lustrous and silky but the problem I faced at the time of applying shampoo is that my hair become sticky if I have to use shampoo daily for some reasons and my hair gradually begin to rough and to lose its natural beauty. So naturally I was experimenting with so many shampoos and as you all know the proverb “try again and again and you must succeed” so I also succeeded and at last get the GARNIER ULTRA BLENDS INTENSE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER. Today I am going to share this with all of you.


The cardboard box is attractive enough to catch your attention. The two products are nicely kept in the box.The white color and the golden lid of the bottle make it more attractive. In a word the packaging is classy. As the packaging claims the product consists soy milk and Almonds. Both have rich protein content. This product is particularly for damaged hair. The shampoo is white in color with ice cream like smell.


Apply the product to your wet scalp and hair and massage it gently using your finger tips and finally rinse it with sufficient water. If needed apply once again like this.Then apply the conditioner and leave it for 2-3 minutes and again rinse it with water properly

Price:- Rs 120/-

Nt Wt:-shampoo 175ml+conditioner 75ml

Best Use:- 24 months from the MFD.img-20170131-wa0004


I always prefer to open my hair. Not because that I want to sing the song “Mein zulfein toh bikhra du din mein raat na ho jaye”. I can’t sing this song as my hair is not long enough to create raat(night)JJ.i just don’t like to tie them. This shampoo helps me to maintain my style. Now I always keep my hair open without any fear and this is the best result I have got. My hair has now become soft and silky. Even if I have to shampoo my hair 3-4 days at a stretch it did not become sticky and oily. As the product claims that it repairs damaged hair, it is true and it totally helps me to repair my damaged hair. Most importantly it is paraben free. And last but not the least it is pocket friendly. I don’t use conditioner all the time as the shampoo fulfills my requirements This product has now made its place in my favorite list..

 after the wash


Yet searching. When I will get it I will definitely inform you.:)JJ

There is a popular saying that “life cannot be perfect but your hair can”…I am just trying this.img_1686


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