Bengali Style Saree Draping


“Dola re dola re …..” this famous song from the movie Devdas is remarkable for the duo performance of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit but I was mesmerized for the style of draping of the Saree

Saree..the traditional attire of Asian women has now become the fashion attire, the style statement around the world. It is said that a girl looks more beautiful, elegant and sensuous in saree. Today I am going to share with the Bengali style saree draping in which I recently clad myself in a function. Previously I had a notion that only married woman can drape like this but my mom laughed at my thought and told me that even a child draped the saree like this in ancient times. So without any hesitation I picked up the style.

I think half-half saree will be the best option for this kind of draping. It will be the best option for this kind of draping. It will be a fusion. Apart from half-half you can pick any kind of traditional saree like Dhakai, Kanjibharam or kind of silk or whatever you like and comfortable with.




At first start to tuck the saree from the right side of the waist and gradually from the back come to the left side tucking properly then come to the front and tuck the saree across to the right side of the waist to the left side and then the reverse from left to right and repeat this twice. Now make pallu pleats, place the pallu on the left shoulder and pick up the end of pallu corner and bring the pallu corner from the right hand and placed in the right shoulder securing it with a pin.



Next I added kamarband or waist band which is also an ancient accessory used to keep the pleats properly but again now-a-day it has made its place in the field of fashion. Lastly I added a bindi, this time a red one which is a complement for this kind of dress.



So,look gracious,beautiful and elegant in this style.

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