Park Avenue Beer Shampoo…Review

This Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is actually a gift from my best friend. There was an offer of buy one get one free and she purchased it and gifted it to me. We occasionally do this. When we find such kind of offers we immediately grab it and share with one another.IMG_2901


OK as the name suggests, the bottle looks like a beer bottle. The color of the bottle is orange and there are patches of black in front, back and the mouth section. The packaging is quite eye catching with flip cap.IMG_2906


The color of the shampoo is just like the color of beer and there is a similarity of smell with sunslik.IMG_2917


The ingredients are written on the back side of the bottle.

Price:- Rs. 155/-

Net.Wt.:- 180 ml.

Best Use:- 24 months from MFD.


It depends on the length of your hair.


The product claims that it is made from Real Beer. It is anti-dandruff and nourished scalp for healthier hair. It nourishes and moisturizes your scalp as well as hair.IMG_2907


In Rainy Season my hair often suffers from dandruff problem and sometimes becomes the victim of sultry smell, this shampoo helps me to fight against these problems. It makes my hair healthier and stops my hair fall and I have a feeling that my hair begin to grow faster. I am quite satisfied with the product and will suggest for the persons who are suffering from thin hair because this shampoo provides certain volume in hair as beer helps to make the hair cuticles strong. The product is budget friendly.


The flip cap has the tendency to become loose.IMG_2912

You can definitely try this product and feel the difference.

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Casual Outfit…

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

I am almost in love with the outfit I am going to share today with is travel friendly, summer friendly, perfect for the college goers, perfect for the ladies who like simple dress up to attend any function(according to me..:):))





You can team up this dress with leggings, jeggins, and jeans and in whatever you are comfortable with.

You can do any kind of hair style with this outfit but I prefer to keep my hair open or to make a simple bun.


For the accessories I love ear rings and try to experiment with different kinds of ear-rings.


Eye make-up


So this is my simple but cool outfit which i love to wear…



Award Nominations…

Yeh!!!!!! It’s time to be nominated with awards. A profound Thanks to Shayra for nominating me for The Blue Sky Tag and Unique Blogger Award. I am very much delighted and overwhelmed by this sweet gesture of her. The name of her blog is quite interesting and I liked it a lot. Shayra is an amazing blogger; her writings always impart some moral message which attracts me most. Do check her amazing blog…



Thanks the person who nominated you.

Answer their 11 questions

Nominate 11 people

Give them 11 questions to answer.


What you liked most in my blog?

Ans:- As I have already mentioned your articles contain some moral message and full of emotions that touch my heart.

Your favorite hobby.

Ans:- Sleeping..:)) Apart from sleeping I love to recite poems and to record them.

Your deepest desire

Ans:- To buy a plot in Mars..:)). I want to trot around all over India.

The incident which changed your life

Ans:- when my family decided to shift from our native place to a city. That was the biggest change in my life.

Any Suggestion for my blog.

No dear not at all. You are simply superb and I like your blog a lot. You article always gives opportunity to think over the matters. I liked your post BLOODSHED and SOUL EATER the most.

Reveal you shady, dark side

Ans:- I can’t express my feelings…

Biggest fear

Ans:- To be alone. I can’t bear loneliness.

Your favorite pass time

Ans:- Day dreaming..Yes I love to think and love to lose myself in reverie.

Anything you want to know about me?

Ans:-  Are you a student??

What you love most in your life?

Ans:- My Breath Yaar..I love it most.. Without it I can’t be able to love anything in life..

What’s your future plan?

Ans:- To make the best in worst situations also.



How do you feel when you get appreciated here and from whom you receive best feedback???

Ans:- Actually the feeling is indescribable…I am getting the appreciation that is beyond my imagination. There are so many who constantly motivates me through their valuable comments from the beginning of my journey. I am grateful to them.

Your favorite travel destination.

Ans:- Any remote village. I love village.

Which place gives you peace when you are disturbed?

Ans:- The roof of our house.

Share you blogging experience with us, few lines.

Ans:- Though I have started my Journey from the last week of January 2017, but my guide was trying to convince me from one year ago. I was quite nervous and thought I can’t share anything as I am very much incapable of expressing my emotions. But the lovely people out here motivate me so much that I fall in love with blogging. And now I think I should be more regular here.

My Nominees Are…




Nathprasad Dhanawat

Ashish Kumar


Samta Kumawat

Himanshi Shukla

Mehul singla

Rohit Nag

I want to repeat these questions for my nominees as i have enjoyed much in answering them.

Feel free to accept or reject it.

Again lots of love to Shayra..Keep smiling…