Back to Blogging…

Huhhhhh…..After a long time…First of all I just want to say that I will not give any kinds of “Excusitis” that means excuse, the honest fact is I am utterly incapable of managing time. That’s totally my fault.
The second confession is…. I miss your posts so much because they help to enhance my knowledge, rejuvenate my mind, broaden my perspectives, get absolute pleasure and above all I have learnt so many things from your posts.
Thirdly, in last few months whenever I visited any place, whenever I came across with some new things, the first thing that knocked in my mind was to share it with you all.
Henceforth I have decided to post twice in week.So continue to shower your love, blessings, affection upon me as before.
So here is a beautiful sunset picture for you all that I captured from the moving car while visiting a holy place.


“…the daughter of Earth and Water”…The Cloud.


From the last 2-3 months I was not active in blogging for some reasons. I have experienced so many things in last couple of months which are the admixture of everything…sorrow, tension, joy, satisfaction, happy moments….now I am back again with same enthusiasm and energy and I will share my experience in my upcoming posts.

Above all Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers for staying with me. Frankly speaking I have missed all of you a lot. Though sometime managing my time I have read some of your articles but was not in a condition to give any comments and likes as I was exhausted mentally and physically.

I can’t even imagine…. to leave the platform of blogging because the love you all have showered upon me.


Stay Blessed.