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In ancient days the princess used to take bath in the rose water. From the ancient days to modern days rose water has made its place in the field of beauty care. It helps to maintain the PH balance. It is a natural toner. Today I am going to share with you DABUR GULABARI PREMIUM ROSE WATER. My mother first introduced me with this product. When I was in my teen-age and suffering much with pimples and dull skin at that time one day my mother gifted me this and from that time it becomes the must product for me.


The product comes in a simple plastic bottle with a flip cap. It is for all skin types. The product is alcohol free. The ingredients are Aqua, Fragrance, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben and Bronopol.


After washing your face properly, pat it and take the rose water in a cotton ball and gently apply it on your face and just leave it or you can apply it with your face pack. In winter you can mix it with glycerin._20170215_192653

Price:- Rs.42/-

Net Wt:- 120 ml

Best Use:- 24 months from MFD


I am using this from more than eight years. So you can guess how much I am in love with the product. It is appropriate for the lazy persons like me. To get the natural rosy hue I just take the simple way using it with a cotton. It is a good agent for refreshment. If you are feeling tired after your days’ work and you have to attend a party just take the rose water on a cotton ball and put on your eyes for ten minutes you will feel relax. For natural glowing skin sometimes I use it with honey. I like the fragrance very much. Above all it is very budget friendly.


The presence of parabens.

To conclude I can say get that rosy hue so that..Chaman ke phool bhi tujhko Gulaab kahe….:):)

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