The Mystery Blogger Award

the-mystery-blogger-awardThe creator of Mystery Blogger Award is Okoto Enigma…

The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates, it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and deserve every recognition they get.

This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.


I profoundly express my profound Thanks to Ranjeeta to nominate me for this award. She truly can create magic with her poems. Though I am very slow in Hindi yet I read her every article. Do follow her blog to be acquainted with magical words.


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Three Facts About Me

I can easily forgive but can’t easily forget

I am very much talkative (With those persons I am emotionally attached with)

Whenever I became angry I can’t say any words.


  1. What is the cause that is worth dedicating your life?

ANS.:- I want to be that personality with whom when the people suffering from inferiority complex will meet they will realize that they also have certain qualities in them.

  1. How do you remember your past?

ANS.:- With mixed feelings.

  1. What you love most in your life?

ANS.:- My straight forward nature

  1. If you have to give advice to Donald Trump…What would it be?

ANS.:- Any advice to any political party will be politically incorrect in the views of other political parties so…..:))

  1. Your favorite quote which you follow?

ANS.:- God does not play dice with the Universe


My questions to my nominees….

  1. what are you most afraid of and why?
  2. What is your most important possession?
  3. How do you handle stress?
  4. Define Love in ten words.
  5. The greatest lesson that you have learnt from your Life.

Be happy and keep blogging…

Kesh King Hair Oil…Review

Indian Bloggers

Honestly I never stick to any hair oil except coconut oil. Whenever I see any Ayurvedic hair oil advertisement that is convincing enough my heart feel an earnest desire to try it..:)). Out of this curiosity I bought this oil and thought to share it in my today’s post..:))



The product comes in a plastic bottle with a flip cap. The outer packaging is a simple cardboard box with the picture of Juhi Chawla with long hair. The product claims that it is a complete Ayurvedic formula.So it is called Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil. It is prepared using 16 herbs…Bhirngaraj, Amla, Haritaki and so on and on. The color of the oil is deep green and the smell is little harsh.


The oil claims to provide us relief from so many things like…fatigue, stress and tension, sleeplessness and many more.



Heat the oil in warm temperature apply on your scalp and massage it gently using your finger tips.


Price:-  Rs. 136/-

Nt.Wt.:- 120ml

Best Use:- 36 months from MFD



I am quite satisfied with the product not in the terms of hair growth but it genuinely helps me to have a cooling sensation and very much refreshing. I like to apply the oil before my bed as it relaxes me from my days activities and that’s why I liked the product so much. In terms of taking care of hair I am half satisfied as the product has kept its promise of preventing the hair fall but it tends to make hair dry.


It tends to make hair dry

It is best for summer season as it provides a cooling sensation. So you can try it in this summer.

Make Summer Soothing With Style Part…2

Indian Bloggers

White is the color of purity, innocence and simplicity. This color represents positivity also. Keeping these things in mind, I thought why not to give it a try. As I said earlier, I love colors. So here are some pictures where I dressed myself up in white.

You can also give it a try in this summer.


Anarkali cut salwar…elegant and simple I just love it.





This ear-ring is ideal for this Salwar.


Simple Eye make up


Ear rings Popular in Puri And Digha.


So these are some outfits that I am trying these days..

I Am Thankful Tag

1492532634089First of all Thanks to Himanshi who has given me an opportunity to absorb into the inner most chamber of my heart to find out the persons I really thankful to.

At first Thanks to God (though He never grants my prayer whenever I pray for my own).


To the person whom I call “walking dictionary”. He has a profound knowledge in lots of field. He is the storehouse of knowledge…My Baba (father).

“Sometimes silence is more eloquent than speech”..She always teaches me this. Calm, steady beautiful and pretends to be angry..:)). During our childhood days she used to run after us to beat us taking a ladle but she never beaten us…She is no other than my Ma (mother).

An ideal protector, an ideal guide, an ideal friend and an epitome of positivity who has transferred all my failures into success… my constant support…my Dada (Elder Brother)

To my friend who is with me from last 12 years always supporting me, encouraging me and she has given the greatest happiness by delivering a beautiful baby girl and she has made me “Masi”.

Our cook who has taught me how to always be happy in spite of so many difficulties in life.

Our maid servant who is brave fighter… From last 18 years she is struggling alone (after her husband’s sudden death), providing her two daughters good education.

Neighboring two kids with whom I re-live my childhood days. They share so many stories with me and sometimes we make Rath(chariot), pandals and sand house together.

Our Milk-man who is supplying us milk from last 15 years without any misunderstandings. Smile can be found in his face always and in every season and especially in summer days…he serves milk from 9am-6pm. keeping smile all the time is really matter of learning.


So called closed ones (very Few) who started to criticize me when I was just a kid and till now they are continuing it. Those were very surprising moment when I was just a kid. They had/have converted my every achievements into a “Nothing” one. Their activities helped me to learn that being an elder one we always should guide and encourage our junior ones.

Some bad wishers whose company I have left but still when they meet me in roads or malls they never forget to pinch me with their weaving words… They have taught me that making comments without knowing the truth about anyone’s life makes you a joker.

A very special thanks To Indian Army. They are there for that we are Here without being worried.

My Nominees are..

Sorry for the late Himanshi and thank you so much…

Make Summer Soothing with Style

The best friend of summer is kurti…comfortable, elegant, stylish, smart and suitable for all ages. There are so many types of kurtis available in the market…Printed kurti, long straight kurti, pakistani kurti, shirt kurti and so on and on. In terms of sleeves also there are wide range of varieties…full sleeve, quarter sleeve, puff sleeve etc.

You can team up kurtis with denims, leggings, palazzos. Patiala pants and with which you are comfortable with.

Cotton is the best option for summer. I prefer quarter sleeve kurtis the most as it covers the maximum portion of my hand protecting it from sunburn and at the same time I can decorate my wrist with bracelets or wrist watches.

Apart from going to office or college, you can also try it to attend any kinds of party or occasion.

If you want to attend any occasion in summer and you want to dress simple yet gorgeous then you can team up your kurti with a beautiful ear rings which will complement your dress and highlight your eyes and pick a suitable shoe and you are ready to rock…Simple yet stylish.

Here are some of the pictures where I dressed myself in simple kurti and with some simple accessories.


simple bun for hair.
Half ring ear rings.



Stay comfortable and beautiful..:))