Ravana…The Holy Heart


In this auspicious day of Ram Navami I decide to write something out of my comfort zone. I thought to share my perspective about Ravana. After hearing the stories from my grandmother and parents I developed a soft corner for Ravana. To clarify my emotional attachment first of all I want to share with you how Ravana has appeared on earth.

Jaya and Vijaya, the gate keepers of Lord Vishnu at Vaikunth descend in the mundane platform as Ravana and Kumbhakarna. They were cursed by four Kumaras who are the manasputras (mind born son) of Brahma. When the four Kumaras wanted to enter into the Vaikunth to see Lord Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya interrupt them at the gate. So the Kumaras became angry and cursed them to take birth as human beings on earth. Now Jaya and Vijaya took refuge at the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu and pleaded him to show them solution. The story takes a turn from this. Lord Vishmnu gave them two options that they could either be born as His devotees for seven life cycles or as His enemy for three life cycles. After completing one of these cycles they can attain Lord Vishnu at Vaikunth eternally.

It is said that when God appears on this material world he takes his entire associate along with him. For instance “Sudarshan chakra”(dish like weapon) descends as Bharata, “Sankha”(Conch) descends as Satrughna and Laksmana is the incarnation of Shesh Naag (the serpent God). In “The Selfish Giant” written by Oscar Wilde you will also find that the twelve peach trees represent the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Ok coming to the point… Jaya and vijaya can’t even think to separate from their Lord for seven cycles so they choose to become Lord Vishnu’s enemies for three cycles and they became Ravana and Kumbhkarna.



Now my point is… Ravana was so much in live with his lord that he was ready to accept the hatred of all ages for him. He was ready to be termed as “Dusto” Ravana. He was ready to burn as a negative force in “Dussehra”. He didn’t even think what should be his image before the world. He didn’t bother about the fact that he will not be honored in any respect like Lakshmana Bharata, shratugna and others. The pangs of his separation from his Lord are more than these things. This is called unconditional love, the true devotion.

This is what really Ravana is…