That Impressive Girl…

“Who will spend quality time with my parents?” “Who will make them happy whenever they will feel sad?”, “Who will take care of them?”…so many thoughts whirled round my mind whenever I think of my marriage (though I am not getting married in recent future). At first I thought my sister-in-law will take the charge of making my parents happy but the girl my Dada is looking for is tough to have any real existence. So my dreams were shattered. But my findings at last found its shore when I met “Her”….

That day when she was entering into the kitchen, my brother was coming out with a water bottle , they both were in a hurry and did not see each other…a powerful head on collision was about to happen but did not, not because that  my brother has good flexibility rather she also has the swiftness and flexibility. She does not do physical exercise neither she goes to gym but her slim figure is really remarkable.

She is full of life with an expressive face… always smiling and sparkling. We liked her at the first meeting..

Within a few weeks she won my Ma’s heart. She always gives my Ma information about what is going on at our nearby colonies, at our home town, in our country etc..The best nature I have found in her is that though she gives lots of information but never make gossips about any person…it has been long four years we are attached with her but I have never heard her to do so. She always advises my parents to take care of their health..What to do and what not to do…advises them to enjoy every seasons.  many times she has shouted and scolded  my parents for not taking medicines at time and also not taking proper care of their health and every time I become relaxed. She enjoys every season..always smiling ,tripling like a colt. She knows how to live life to the fullest. Except her smiling face and lively nature what I found the best thing of her is that after performing her duties and responsibilities she pursues her desires and dreams also, so far I have observed..She likes the Kurti tops a lot and frequently purchases the dress and many times offer me to wear it first.

So about whom I am talking???? Who is the person???….. she is none other than our cook Sumana Di.

On the day of her appointment my mother asked her some basic questions and we came to know that she is married and has a three years old baby boy. Her husband drives car for hospitals and she lives with her mother. And she has appointed as a cook in our house


After three months of her joining we came to know (from some reliable source) some incidents which made us awe-struck and we began to think how she smiles all the time. The incidents are….

She has three brothers but none of them take care of their mother as she is mentally ill. So Sumana Di (our cook) has taken the total responsibility of her mother. Even her brothers throw them out of the house. She rented a small room and lives there.

She also has a sister whose in-laws are demanding enough and Sumana di fulfills their demand.

The most pathetic part is that her husband never takes care of her and their child. He even does not live with them.

…Sumana Di never makes any complaints, never grudges and never share her sufferings,  accepting the situation with courage and smile.

I have learnt lots of lessons from her.

We, human beings are often suffer from so many problems..Some are real, some are created by our over thinking. We have complaints about so many things. Many of us say to take life as it is and enjoy it but few of us follow it. We are scared of our future and try to make it best.

No formal education, no educational degrees can teach you to  live life Only realization can.