House of Cards Season 5 (Episode 1)…Review

We always love to watch the shows which appeal more real to us than any exaggerated theme. “House of cards” is such a television series that is full of thrilling events, adventures yet maintains some real connection with the world of politics.

After the successive success of season one, two three and four and bagging 33 primetime Emmy Award and eight Golden Globe Award and after securing a room in the heart of the audience “House of Cards”, the series of a political drama, based on the novel by Michael Dobbs is back to sail you away into the power craving political

“The past can’t be changed the future is yet in your power”…the protagonist possibly dealt with this theme. Power, heartless pragmatism and manipulation are the primary theme of the series.

The story starts with the depiction of an ambitious democratic congressman and the House majority Whip Frank Underwood who was promised to be appointed Secretary of State by the President but the President nominated Senator Kern for the Secretary of State instead of Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood resolved to take revenge with the help of his wife Claire Underwood. She acts as an ideal foil to her husband.

The 4th episode ended with Frank Underwood becoming the President and the Underwood’s and the cabinet watching the live video of the terrorists. Franks words “we don’t submit to terror we make the terror” leave a chilling effect on our nerves.

I have tried to maintain this post Spoiler Free.

The scene of the 5th season is set in the upcoming presidential elections… the tension, the planning, and the trick is shown in the way that the audience will also feel it.  Being gathered at the outside of the White House the people are chanting “not my president”. In order to arise the anti terrorism sentiments among the masses to get votes Claire makes public appearance. They are actually trying to induce fear into the heart of the people. In the scene where Claire peeps through the rifle scope asked by her husband shows their power monger nature or may be said that their brains are as powerful as the rifle.

Throughout the earlier seasons we watched the soliloquies of Frank but this time in this season Claire Underwood is seen to address the camera. Does the story teller want to convey some message???

Presidential election is ahead.unnamed

Will Conway is trying his best to defeat Frank in the upcoming election and thereby trying to defame Frank among the citizens, Frank knows that a tough fight is going to happen; on the other hand Frank wants to make Claire the Vice President, Season 5 Episode 1 shows the hatred among the people for Frank, all these suspense are already hovering our mind.

Above all the beheading of Jim Miller by terrorist Joshua Masterson has left an awful impact on the security of the country and the country men.

Frank has fallen on his own trap. Some of the previous murders conducted by Frank are now in under the investigating committee

How Frank will deal with all these issues??? Will he be able to win the upcoming election???? What will be his strategy to fight with the terrorists??? Will Claire be with Him till the end????

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Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is natural enough to convince us to look at his megalomaniac nature.


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