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b1eef7467a20f93762e526549179e322“Yeh reshmi julfein”…it is very difficult to keep the julfein reshmi in summer.

Summer is gradually spreading its scorching heat…humid weather; sweat and dust are engulfing the atmosphere. In a nutshell horrible condition and along with these come the age old problem from which many people used to suffer during summer..That is Dandruff. Sweat, dust and pollution make our hair sticky causing dandruff. I take much care of my hair during summer. I want to share with you all some easy hair care method that I follow during summer.

As we all know that we have to keep our scalp clean. So wash your hair with mild or herbal shampoo.

Apply olive oil once in a week. Better to apply lukewarm olive oil on your scalp and massage it gently and leave it overnight.


Before applying shampoo apply lemon juice on the scalp, leave it for one hour and shampoo your hair. You can also try vinegar.

You can do henna treatment in every fortnight. Take henna powder, two eggs, and curd and lemon juice, mix them properly and make a thick paste and apply on your scalp as well as on your hair, leave it for 45-60 minutes. Then wash it with water. Better to apply shampoo the next day.



Make sure that your hair is dry enough before tying it up. Tie your hair as loosely as you can.

Cover your hair properly when you have to go out from home in the morning.

There are so many dandruff control shampoo available in the market. You can try one of them. If these tips are unable to provide you dandruff free scalp

Last but not the least as you all know…drink lots of water.


These are some simple tips to follow in summer to keep your hair lustrous. If you have some suggestions…Please share with me. It will help to enhance my knowledge.

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Indian Bloggers

In my previous post Facial with Home based ingredients I have shared my Mom’s faith on “gharelu nuske’ for skin and today I am going to share with you how does Mom take care of my hair till now when she gets me in her capture. The word Spa was not familiar at that time. They did not know the word Hair Spa, yet the things they used to do to make their  hair beautiful is today named Hair Spa.

First of all applying oil is very much necessary. Oil is a good conditioner. It helps to hydrate our hair. You can heat the oil before applying. Now massage the oil with your fingertips gently. It helps to improve the blood circulation. My Mom used to apply oil on my head at night. You can use it at night or three hours before bath. From my early childhood to now she uses coconut oil on my hair. Honestly speaking after the massage I feel very relaxed.coconut-oil-in-bottle

HAIR PACK..(1):– At first wash the hair with shampoo. When the hair will begin to dry, comb it properly then apply this homemade pack. For the pack take one egg (as per the length of the hair), juice of one lemon, one spoon honey and one spoon of castor oil. Apply this pack on your scalp as well as on hair. Leave it for one hour. Finally just rinse it with water. If you have no problem then do not shampoo that day, apply shampoo the next day. After applying the shampoo you will be able to feel the softness of your hair.

HAIR PACK..(2):– Soak Indian gooseberry (Amla), Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) and Soap Nuts (Reetha) then grind them and make a paste. Add lemon juice with it and apply on your oil massaged hair. Leave it for one hour and simply rinse it with water. You can make natural shampoo by adding these things properly.

One of my aunts apply onion juice and Hibiscus paste on hair as it prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth and stops premature graying. But I have never tried this. If you are suffering from frequent hair loss or premature graying you can definitely try this.

That’s all everyone. Natural things are always harmless so you can rely on them. Get that lustrous, soft, shiny hair and be happy.

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