Sweet Memories…

Yes as the title suggests, today I am going to share some of my most beautiful memories with you all.
But before sharing this I think an introduction is needed to mention how I suddenly came in contact with these things after a long time.
Durga Puja,the greatest, the gorgeous, the most longing festival of Bengalis is three more days to go.
Durga Puja is celebrated all over West Bengal jubilantly. It is said that Devi Durga with her four children Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music and art, Ganesh, the god of wisdom, Kartik, the god of War (army chief) come to this mortal abode which is supposed to be her parental house to spend four days and this is the time for us to give her a grand welcome.
The full fledged preparation to welcome Devi Durga cordially starts almost from one to two months before the festival. This preparation includes various activities such as shopping (the most important part to me), house cleaning, and making different kinds of sweets at home and so on.
So last Sunday when I was helping my Maa to clean the house, I suddenly found these things. These are the things with which I spent the maximum time in my life though some of them came into my life when I was studying in college. I am very much obsessed with these things.
So let’s have a look.

My Doll’s Kitchen Set


My Doll’s Bed
Doll’s pillow made by my Maa


Enter a caption


Doll’s dresses made by my Grandma…
Finally my cutest Doll..This is the first doll in my life..the precious one.

House of Cards season 5(episode 1) …Review

We always love to watch the shows which appeal more real to us than any exaggerated theme. “House of cards” is such a television series that is full of thrilling events, adventures yet maintains some real connection with the world of politics.

After the successive success of season one, two three and four and bagging 33 primetime Emmy Award and eight Golden Globe Award and after securing a room in the heart of the audience “House of Cards”, the series of a political drama, based on the novel by Michael Dobbs is back to sail you away into the power craving political atmosphere.house-of-cards-season-5-key-art-1496154224241_1280w

“The past can’t be changed the future is yet in your power”…the protagonist possibly dealt with this theme. Power, heartless pragmatism and manipulation are the primary theme of the series.

The story starts with the depiction of an ambitious democratic congressman and the House majority Whip Frank Underwood who was promised to be appointed Secretary of State by the President but the President nominated Senator Kern for the Secretary of State instead of Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood resolved to take revenge with the help of his wife Claire Underwood. She acts as an ideal foil to her husband.

The 4th episode ended with Frank Underwood becoming the President and the Underwood’s and the cabinet watching the live video of the terrorists. Franks words “we don’t submit to terror we make the terror” leave a chilling effect on our nerves.

I have tried to make the post Spoiler free

The scene of the 5th season is set in the upcoming presidential elections… the tension, the planning, and the trick is shown in the way that the audience will also feel it.  Being gathered at the outside of the White House the people are chanting “not my president”. In order to arise the anti terrorism sentiments among the masses to get votes Claire makes public appearance. They are actually trying to induce fear into the heart of the people. In the scene where Claire peeps through the rifle scope asked by her husband shows their power monger nature or may be said that their brains are as powerful as the rifle.unnamed

Throughout the earlier seasons we watched the soliloquies of Frank but this time in this season Claire Underwood is seen to address the camera. Does the story teller want to convey some message???

Presidential election is ahead.

Will Conway is trying his best to defeat Frank in the upcoming election and thereby trying to defame Frank among the citizens, Frank knows that a tough fight is going to happen; on the other hand Frank wants to make Claire the Vice President, Season 5 Episode 1 shows the hatred among the people for Frank, all these suspense are already hovering our mind.

Above all the beheading of Jim Miller by terrorist Joshua Masterson has left an awful impact on the security of the country and the country men.

Frank has fallen on his own trap. Some of the previous murders conducted by Frank are now in under the investigating committee

How Frank will deal with all these issues??? Will he be able to win the upcoming election???? What will be his strategy to fight with the terrorists??? Will Claire be with Him till the end????

Want to satisfy all your queries???? Then watch the “House of Cards Season 5 from today 5pm onwards on Zee café #HOConZCafe

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is natural enough to convince us to look at his megalomaniac nature.


Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café

You can visit their Facebook  page here




Green Mango Juice..


Though I am not an excellent cook but I always try and my family always praises me a lot. Even one day my dada went to the extent of saying that this dish (made by me) tastes more delicious than Restaurants!!!!!!!(Possibly with the hope that I will be satisfied and will leave the habit of cooking and making them guinea pigs.:))

Two days ago I have tried this green mango juice and everyone liked this… so here are the steps of how to make this juice. Try this and inform your feelings.

At first take 4-5 green mangoes.

Peel the skin.( if you like then you can keep it)

Cut the mangoes into pieces.


Next grind the mangoes in mixture grinder.


Add water, little amount of sugar and 3-4 spoon of rock salt.

You can sieve the mixture.

Now pour the juice in the glasses


Add ice cubes and you can also add a pinch of roasted cumin dust.


Garnish the juice as you wish.


It is a refreshing drink in summer. Green mango is summer friendly fruit as it helps to prevent sun stroke.



Make Summer Soothing With Style Part…2

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White is the color of purity, innocence and simplicity. This color represents positivity also. Keeping these things in mind, I thought why not to give it a try. As I said earlier, I love colors. So here are some pictures where I dressed myself up in white.

You can also give it a try in this summer.


Anarkali cut salwar…elegant and simple I just love it.





This ear-ring is ideal for this Salwar.


Simple Eye make up


Ear rings Popular in Puri And Digha.


So these are some outfits that I am trying these days..

Bye Bye Dandruff

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b1eef7467a20f93762e526549179e322“Yeh reshmi julfein”…it is very difficult to keep the julfein reshmi in summer.

Summer is gradually spreading its scorching heat…humid weather; sweat and dust are engulfing the atmosphere. In a nutshell horrible condition and along with these come the age old problem from which many people used to suffer during summer..That is Dandruff. Sweat, dust and pollution make our hair sticky causing dandruff. I take much care of my hair during summer. I want to share with you all some easy hair care method that I follow during summer.

As we all know that we have to keep our scalp clean. So wash your hair with mild or herbal shampoo.

Apply olive oil once in a week. Better to apply lukewarm olive oil on your scalp and massage it gently and leave it overnight.


Before applying shampoo apply lemon juice on the scalp, leave it for one hour and shampoo your hair. You can also try vinegar.

You can do henna treatment in every fortnight. Take henna powder, two eggs, and curd and lemon juice, mix them properly and make a thick paste and apply on your scalp as well as on your hair, leave it for 45-60 minutes. Then wash it with water. Better to apply shampoo the next day.



Make sure that your hair is dry enough before tying it up. Tie your hair as loosely as you can.

Cover your hair properly when you have to go out from home in the morning.

There are so many dandruff control shampoo available in the market. You can try one of them. If these tips are unable to provide you dandruff free scalp

Last but not the least as you all know…drink lots of water.


These are some simple tips to follow in summer to keep your hair lustrous. If you have some suggestions…Please share with me. It will help to enhance my knowledge.

Pictures:- google images

Ravana…The Holy Heart


In this auspicious day of Ram Navami I decide to write something out of my comfort zone. I thought to share my perspective about Ravana. After hearing the stories from my grandmother and parents I developed a soft corner for Ravana. To clarify my emotional attachment first of all I want to share with you how Ravana has appeared on earth.

Jaya and Vijaya, the gate keepers of Lord Vishnu at Vaikunth descend in the mundane platform as Ravana and Kumbhakarna. They were cursed by four Kumaras who are the manasputras (mind born son) of Brahma. When the four Kumaras wanted to enter into the Vaikunth to see Lord Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya interrupt them at the gate. So the Kumaras became angry and cursed them to take birth as human beings on earth. Now Jaya and Vijaya took refuge at the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu and pleaded him to show them solution. The story takes a turn from this. Lord Vishmnu gave them two options that they could either be born as His devotees for seven life cycles or as His enemy for three life cycles. After completing one of these cycles they can attain Lord Vishnu at Vaikunth eternally.

It is said that when God appears on this material world he takes his entire associate along with him. For instance “Sudarshan chakra”(dish like weapon) descends as Bharata, “Sankha”(Conch) descends as Satrughna and Laksmana is the incarnation of Shesh Naag (the serpent God). In “The Selfish Giant” written by Oscar Wilde you will also find that the twelve peach trees represent the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Ok coming to the point… Jaya and vijaya can’t even think to separate from their Lord for seven cycles so they choose to become Lord Vishnu’s enemies for three cycles and they became Ravana and Kumbhkarna.



Now my point is… Ravana was so much in live with his lord that he was ready to accept the hatred of all ages for him. He was ready to be termed as “Dusto” Ravana. He was ready to burn as a negative force in “Dussehra”. He didn’t even think what should be his image before the world. He didn’t bother about the fact that he will not be honored in any respect like Lakshmana Bharata, shratugna and others. The pangs of his separation from his Lord are more than these things. This is called unconditional love, the true devotion.

This is what really Ravana is…

Be aware before Holi

Though we love to play Holi but so many thoughts used to haunt us at the advent of Holi…especially about our skin and hair. Today I thought to provide you some tips to protect your hair and skin. First of all I want to tell you guys please don’t miss the festival. Take the necessary precautions if you think you have sensitive skin, but don’t miss it. All our festivals have some logical reasons.

Lets start to share my tips…

If you are going outside to play Holi carry in your bags a good quality of Face Wipe, Rosewater, Lip balm, cotton and drinking water. Make sure that these things are available in your bags.

Use herbal colors. As people became conscious of the harmful effects of synthetic color, there are so many herbal colors available in the market.5958419H-11-Herbal-Holi-Colours-Pink--Red-Green--Yellow

Apply a good quantity of oil on your scalp and hair. You can apply your hair oil or the coconut oil will be the best option.coconut-oil-in-bottle

Sun glass is the good option to protect your eyes.

Apply thick sunscreen or coconut oil on your face and the body parts that are exposed.

Wear full sleeves dress but if you have friends who are naughty enough then it is of no use. So better to apply oil properly.


Take care of your lips properly. For this apply Lip balm or lipstick that contains SPF.

To keep your nails in a good condition apply olive oil or vitamin E oil or any moisturizer under your nails.


If you feel some itching on your skin then wash the place with sufficient water and take rose water in a cotton and apply it on the place. You will feel comfortable.

The colors helps to fight the diseases that occurs in Spring like chicken pox, viral fever.

In my next post I will share with you how to take care of your skin after Holi. Till then be prepared for Holi guys…