Patanjali Color Protection Hair Conditioner…Review

If you apply color on your hair on regular basis, then you have to take much care of your hair as the color tends to make our hair dry. I apply color on my hair not only for style but out of necessity :))(you know what I mean). Recently I am using this product and thought to share with you.


The product comes in a white tube with a flip .the product claims to condition, nourish and protect hair color. It consists Aloe Vera, Bhirngaraj, China Rose, and Sunflower Oil. The product also says that it provides conditioning for dry and damaged hair, regenerates hair growth and makes hair healthy and strong. The smell is very sweet. The color of the product is white with creamy consistency.IMG_2483


Wash your hair properly with shampoo then apply 2-5g. On hair, massage gently and leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse with water. Apply on hair not on scalp.IMG_2486

Price:- Rs. 60/-

Nt.Wt.:- 100 ml

Best Use:- 24 months from MFD.IMG_2485


It fulfills my purpose of using the product. The product helps to keep the color of my hair for longer period. After the wash my hair becomes shiny and soft. Though my hair is not dry but frequently applying color on my hair tends to make my hair dry but this conditioner protects my hair from being dry by conditioning it properly. It is an herbal product so there is no need to worry for the side effects. Most importantly the product is travel as well as budget friendly.


No visible hair growth

A great quantity/amount of product is required.

So if you have the habit of experimenting different colors on your hair you can use this product for the nourishment of your hair.



Red is in the air now with its passion, romance and energy. Some tried this in dress, bags, jewelries, accessories and so on. So I also think to do something different. While I was singing the song “Mohe rang do laal” suddenly an idea occurred to me… why not to color my hair “Red”. I have tried this color just to try a new look. As I like Garnier products much and it suits on my hair so this time I opted the color BURGANDY. from the wide range of color varieties from Garnier Color Natural Products.


The product comes in a cardboard box. There are four contents in the box…developer, colorant, 2 conditioner and gloves. The color is rich, radiant and long covers 100% of greys. It is enriched with three precious oils. It also provides nourishment. The conditioner helps to make the hair shiny and soft.


At first make sure that your hair is not oily at the time of application. If needed shampoo the hair first. Then put on the gloves and mix the colorant and the developer in a plastic or glass bowls. Take a brush and apply the mixture with the help of the brush and apply the mixture with the help of the brush on your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and finally rinse the hair with water. At last apply the conditioner. leave it for 1-2 minutes and wash it again._20170211_213516



Best Use:-24 months from MFD_20170211_213305


I am quietly impressed with the color. Apart from coloring my hair, it makes my hair, soft, smooth and silky. Especially in the sunlight the color looks radiant. It stays on my hair 20-25 days. It is easily applicable product. Lastly it is very pocket friendly.


Not suitable for allergic prone skin.

so lost in the world of red…