Bengali Style Saree Draping


“Dola re dola re …..” this famous song from the movie Devdas is remarkable for the duo performance of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit but I was mesmerized for the style of draping of the Saree

Saree..the traditional attire of Asian women has now become the fashion attire, the style statement around the world. It is said that a girl looks more beautiful, elegant and sensuous in saree. Today I am going to share with the Bengali style saree draping in which I recently clad myself in a function. Previously I had a notion that only married woman can drape like this but my mom laughed at my thought and told me that even a child draped the saree like this in ancient times. So without any hesitation I picked up the style.

I think half-half saree will be the best option for this kind of draping. It will be the best option for this kind of draping. It will be a fusion. Apart from half-half you can pick any kind of traditional saree like Dhakai, Kanjibharam or kind of silk or whatever you like and comfortable with.




At first start to tuck the saree from the right side of the waist and gradually from the back come to the left side tucking properly then come to the front and tuck the saree across to the right side of the waist to the left side and then the reverse from left to right and repeat this twice. Now make pallu pleats, place the pallu on the left shoulder and pick up the end of pallu corner and bring the pallu corner from the right hand and placed in the right shoulder securing it with a pin.



Next I added kamarband or waist band which is also an ancient accessory used to keep the pleats properly but again now-a-day it has made its place in the field of fashion. Lastly I added a bindi, this time a red one which is a complement for this kind of dress.



So,look gracious,beautiful and elegant in this style.


img-20160616-wa0000“Yeh kaali kaali ankhein yeh gore gore gaal”….. I have already mentioned how to make “kaali kaali ankhein” now it is turn for “gore gore gaal”…

We all long for not gore gore gaal rather to say for glowing skin. I love the skin…. That reflects beauty that soothes the eyes, that attracts the attention. It is said that the face is the mirror of mind and I don’t want to know everyone what is going on my mindJJ.. But as I am over sensitive to cold I don’t like to follow a long list of beauty regime. when I came in contact with these two products I realized that these are the products I was in search of.

The first one in this list is a Face wash. But it is not only a simple face wash guys. It is LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE INTENSE WHITENING FACE WASH.


The packaging is simple yet eye-catching. The color is pinkish white with a mild mood creating smell. As the packaging denotes the product has de-tanning &skin polishing action. It will give you fair looking skin. The ingredients are full of those contents that absolutely help to provide the skin the best wash and nourishment.img_1663

img_1666HOW TO USE

Just take the product as per your need and massage it into a circular motion and rinse it with water.

PRICE:-Rs 120/-

NT Wt:-50g

Best Use:-24 months from MFD.


It actually boost my skin. It cleans the skin from the deepest layer and what I liked about it most is that after wash I never felt any pricking sensation. There is a soft and moist feeling and it gives a glowing look and you will feel it after 7-8 days of your use.img_0498


The cover should be more easy may be a flip one and then it will be good in a moment of hurry, nothing more than that.

As you have done the first step of washing your face properly to make it glow now restore the glowing by applying a good moisturizer. Now I am going to share with you the moisturizer that I am applying for three years in winter. This is LAKME MAXIMUM MOISTURISER WINTER INTENSE.


The shape of this creamy white bottle is very nice with a flip cover. The smell is very sweet and the color of the crème is white.img_1667

IMG_1668.jpgHOW TO USE

After washing your face with LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE INTENSE WHITENING FACE WASH apply the moisturizer on your face and massage it 2-3 minutes until the crème is totally absorbed.

Price:-Rs 115/-

Net Wt:-60 ml

Best use:-24 months from MFD>

As the crème is MAXIMUM MOISTURISER WINTER INTENSE, you may think that it will be more oily or greasy in feeling. I also thought it but the crème broke my notion totally. At first it looks like greasy but after massaging it properly you will not look oily. As it is the winter moisturizer, it provides the perfect protection on your skin. It stays on my skin 4-5 hours and left a soft and smooth effect on my skin. Overall I am contented with the crème. I have a combined skin and it suits properly on my skin. Even my mom who has an oily skin and she is also satisfied with this.

Though the LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE INTENSE WHITENING FACE WASH advices to apply LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE DAY OR NIGHT CRÈME for the best result, you can team up these two products mentioned by me at least once.img_1673


It is not SPF proof.

So girls no need to depend totally on foundation as the best foundation is glowing healthy skin. So just make it

The Product Review of NIVEA Creme


“Aaj kal paon jameen pe nehi parte mere”…..this is the line you will definitely sing after following my review.

The product I am going to review today is as old as hills with its multi-tasking ability. I mainly use it to keep my feet beautiful. I am obsessed with my feet. I always take much care of my feet as it takes the burden of carrying 57kgJJ..Ok coming to the point you can use it to smooth your elbow to heal your cracking heels, to soften your lips and so on. You can see the product in the bag of grandmother as well as granddaughter also. The product is none other than Nivea. I think all of you are familiar with this.


The packaging is indeed very simple, a simple blue tin container. The color of the cream is white. The smell is not pungent. The ingredients are mineral oil, glycerine and panthenol. The consistency of the cream is very heavy.img-20170124-wa0006img_1657


First wash the place properly better if you take lukewarm water. Then tap it smoothly and finally take the Nivea as per your need and massage it gently.


I use it to keep my feet beautiful, nourished, smooth and glowing in this harsh winter. As the cream is very thick, it remains all the night at my feet. I am very much satisfied with the product. Again it is very budget friendly.img-20170124-wa0009photo0183

Price:- Rs. 45/-

Net Wt.:-29gm

Best Use:-30 months from MFD.


The lid of the container easily becomes loose and sometimes it opens automatically creating a problem to carry. It is not suitable for oily skin.

So pamper your feet with Nivea and you don’t need to hide your heels under your shoes. Allow the waves, the wind and the sun to play in your bare feet.img-20170124-wa0007

Review of Avon Simply Pretty Lovely Pink Lipstick

I just love colors. Be it bold, deep and light whatever the color it is. I think every color has its own language I just try to explore them as elegantly as I can. I understood my fascination for colors seven years back when one of my friends asked me my favorite color. I was silent and confused and all the colors were flashing before my eyes but I failed to pick one of them up. My friend thought that maybe I am color blindJ. But that time I realized that I love every colors that Mother Nature has blessed us with.

One of my aunts gifted me this lipstick. I was not familiar with AVON much at that time. But after coming into contact with this lipstick I thought I should share it with everyone.

So today I am going to review of Simply Pretty Lovely Pink Lipstick.

About the Lipstick along with MY Experience

I think the color pink is suitable for all ages. It is also said that pink is the color of ladies. This lipstick will give you creamy feelings. You can apply it both as a light and bold shade. It will stay in your lips 4-5 hours naturally without any messy effect and you will not feel your lips chapped in the winter also. It is suitable for all skin tones. The price is very budget friendly.img-20170123-wa0002img-20170123-wa0001


For the light shade just apply it once and for the bold look apply it twice or thrice.img-20170123-wa0005img-20170123-wa0007

Price:-Rs.165/- approximately (vary as per the offer)

Net Wt.:-4gm.

Best Use:-36 months from the MFD.img-20170123-wa0003


The packaging is very fragile. Sometimes the twist becomes loose.

I am applying this shade now a day in season and out of season. So you can try this and get into the world of pink and make your lips like rosebuds peeping out of snow.


Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Winter is now with her fully fledged power. We did so much fun and celebrated the occasions and there are so many occasions waiting for us. We all try to look gorgeous in these celebrations. But the problem I faced is about the dryness of the skin and the dull looks.

The first line that comes into mind while reviewing this product is …..”summer friends will melt like summer snows but winter friends are friends forever”…. This line is totally appropriate for this product.

I become very conscious whenever I buy some products not only for the reason that it will suit on my skin or not but rather it hurts me as I lost my money. One of my friends one day suggests me this lotion. Patanjali Body Lotion.


First of all it is totally Ayurvedic product consisting of Turmeric extract, Aloe Vera extract, cucumber extract, Wheat oil, Saffron.

Have a quick view about the usage of all these…….


Turmeric has antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. It helps to reduce wrinkles, acne stars and signs of aging and so on. It gives a youthful glow and brightens the skin.


Aloe Vera is also called “plant of immortality”.(I think it does not need any explanation for you).


It is used as a natural toner. It helps to hydrate the dull skin. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. So it improves cell growth, increases blood circulation and lightens the skin.


It heals dry and cracked skin and helps to protect scarring. It is rich in vitamin E and helps to reduce skin damage, fights free radicals, maintain even skin tone.


Saffron can reduce pigmentation (burning problem now a day).It helps to look your face fair by eliminating dullness. It is used for a radiant, glowing skin.img-20170122-wa0003


Take the product as much as you needed and massage gently. Apply twice a day after washing a pat drying the area.img-20170122-wa0008


Net Wt.:-100 ml

Best Use:- 24 months from MFD


It helps to rejuvenate your skin and to get the desired glow in your skin. Most importantly it helps to get away from any kind of skin problems. The smell will not disturb your olfactory sense. The most important thing is that it is very pocket friendly.

After applying


I did not like the packaging. It should be more convincing. It is not SPF proof.


To get the best result wear a full sleeve dress after applying it and see the result.

So guys try it and force the world to see your glow. As it is said “stars don’t beg the world for attraction, their beauty forces us to look up”….:)

ELLE18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

I am fresher in the field of Blogging. This is my first blog post in my first blog.

This post is about kohl or kajal as I consider eyes to be the most substantial part of our lives. So I think to set in my journey with this. It is said that “The eyes are the window of the soul”…so I have opened my window and you all are cordially welcome in this home.


I was acquainted with kajal through my mother when I was a baby—may be when I was 3-4 months infant. My mother always aspires to have me beautiful eyes. She used kajal as it is believed that it protects against our eyes ailments. She used to take a “Monosa’ leaf and applied mustard oil or ghee on the leaf and was kept above a burning lamp and made kajal.

Years passed away and my fondness for kajal begins to increase. I love to apply kajal and I apply it every now and then. Possibly with the hope that one day someone will tell me “tere mast mast do nain mere dil ka le gaye chain” or like Andrew Marvell “An hundred years should go to praise thine eyes” (but unfortunately did not get yet). Jokes apart for this tremendous attachment with kajal I tried many kajals in my life. I like the kajal which has a long lasting effect without smudging and above all which has a bold color.

Today I am going to share with you about a kajal which I am applying now a day. This is ELLE 18 EYE DRAMA BOLD BLACk. It has arrived in the market with its beautiful packaging that will surely attract your eyes.img_1598


The packaging denotes that this kajal will give you a dramatic look. It is smudge proof as well as water proof (Though I never tested it by shedding tears J J). The best part of this kajal is that the persons who wear contact lens can apply it without any dilemma. It is ophthalmological tested.


Be it smokey winged or whatever the look you long for this kajal will help you to get that look. To form a long wing you have to apply it from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer corner. To get that dramatic black look just make two strokes. It manages beautifully in the waterline area and stay 7-8 hours in my water line area.img_1602


Net weight:-0.35g

Best use:-24 months from MFD.img_1593


The product fulfills all the qualities that it claims but one thing I experienced after applying that it is not totally smudge proof. For any reason if you have to blink your eyes rapidly then it will smudge. It will also create a smudge after 7-8 hours. This small lacuna is ignorable for the other better results that it provides.

In a nutshell I can say enhance, beautify and increase the language of your eyes through ELLE18 EYE DRAMA BOLD BLACK