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I am almost in love with the outfit I am going to share today with is travel friendly, summer friendly, perfect for the college goers, perfect for the ladies who like simple dress up to attend any function(according to me..:):))





You can team up this dress with leggings, jeggins, and jeans and in whatever you are comfortable with.

You can do any kind of hair style with this outfit but I prefer to keep my hair open or to make a simple bun.


For the accessories I love ear rings and try to experiment with different kinds of ear-rings.


Eye make-up


So this is my simple but cool outfit which i love to wear…




Nail Art with Bindi

This time I thought to do some nail art with my bindis. I think this nail art is perfect for party look. As I am not so expert I have tried some easy way to design my nails. I love nail art a lot. So here is my nail art.IMG_2761

At first I have applied the nail polish on my nails. This time I have used the color black as I think black is just appropriate  for party look. To make a slight contrast I have applied blue color in one of my nails.IMG_2764

Then I have used this bindi. This is stone bindi and perfect to give a gorgeous look. You can put it according to your likings. The glue in the bindi is enough to fix it in the nails.IMG_2767IMG_2753

Next I have tried this design bindi in one of my nails to complement the others.IMG_2766IMG_2759

Finally my nails are ready to go for a party.IMG_2760


Make Summer Soothing With Style Part…2

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White is the color of purity, innocence and simplicity. This color represents positivity also. Keeping these things in mind, I thought why not to give it a try. As I said earlier, I love colors. So here are some pictures where I dressed myself up in white.

You can also give it a try in this summer.


Anarkali cut salwar…elegant and simple I just love it.





This ear-ring is ideal for this Salwar.


Simple Eye make up


Ear rings Popular in Puri And Digha.


So these are some outfits that I am trying these days..

Make Summer Soothing with Style

The best friend of summer is kurti…comfortable, elegant, stylish, smart and suitable for all ages. There are so many types of kurtis available in the market…Printed kurti, long straight kurti, pakistani kurti, shirt kurti and so on and on. In terms of sleeves also there are wide range of varieties…full sleeve, quarter sleeve, puff sleeve etc.

You can team up kurtis with denims, leggings, palazzos. Patiala pants and with which you are comfortable with.

Cotton is the best option for summer. I prefer quarter sleeve kurtis the most as it covers the maximum portion of my hand protecting it from sunburn and at the same time I can decorate my wrist with bracelets or wrist watches.

Apart from going to office or college, you can also try it to attend any kinds of party or occasion.

If you want to attend any occasion in summer and you want to dress simple yet gorgeous then you can team up your kurti with a beautiful ear rings which will complement your dress and highlight your eyes and pick a suitable shoe and you are ready to rock…Simple yet stylish.

Here are some of the pictures where I dressed myself in simple kurti and with some simple accessories.


simple bun for hair.
Half ring ear rings.



Stay comfortable and beautiful..:))

Best-Loved Bracelets

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Today i am going to share some of my favorite bracelets which can be teamed up with every  types of attires….Western or Indian in whatever dress you are comfortable with.. so here they are..



This one is purely based on stone work. It is appropriate for party wear.



The second one is again on stone work with golden chain. it looks like a wristwatch. i think it provides the smart look.



Casual yet elegant.


Religious one..:))


Smart,cool,stylish and beautiful.

Be Relaxed after Holi

google image

Today’s post is about how to take care of your skin after Holi.

Don’t take stress to remove the colors from your skin then and there.

Use the cold water I mean normal temperature water.

  1. At first wash your face with simple water. Don’t rub or scrub your skin too much.
  2. Now apply face wash and gently massage it on your skin.
  3. After washing your skin wipe it properly and then apply coconut oil or baby oil. Massage the oil gently leaves it for 5-10 minutes. Now take a cotton ball and remove the oil with this.
  4. Make a paste with gram flour, curd and lemon juice. Apply on your skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your face. You can all make a paste of gram flour and milk creme.
  5. Now apply a good quantity of moisturizer on your skin.
  6. Don’t go for a facial for one week.
  7. FOR BODY… apply shower gel or herbal soap. After wash you can apply coconut oil or body oil.
  8. FOR HAIR… wash your hair with water. Then apply herbal or mild shampoo on the scalp and massage it and leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash it. Then apply a good conditioner.
  9. FOR LIPS… take one tea spoon of milk add 10-12 drops of lemon juice and 4-5 drops of honey. Apply this on your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes. You will get soft rosy lips.

If still some color remain don’t worry it will be removed after your every shower. It will indicate that you have enjoyed the Holi to your heart’s content. If you will follow my previous suggestions “Be Aware before Holi” then the colors will not take much time to remove.

If you want to share some of your suggestions, Please do.

What’s your planning for Holi Guys…

pictures:_ google image

Holi in Shantiniketan

It seems that Nature is busy to make preparations. The Palas (Dhak/Bengal Kino) flowers make us aware that the “Festival of Color” is approaching. I am very excited as I love this festival so much. Holi or Basant Utsav is famous in Hindu religion also. Holi is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm…in Braj region, Gujrat, Assam, Nepal and so on. One such place which is popular for the celebration of Holi is Shantiniketan in Bolpur. Shantiniketan is a town in the district of Birbhum, west bengal where Rabindranath Tagore set up Viswabharati Unversity. The place is famous for its cultural heritage.

Once I had the opportunity to see Holi or Basant Utsav in Shantiniketan. Three years ago when I decided to visit Shantiniketan in Holi, one of my friends who lived in Bolpur at that time suggested me how to dress up for the festival.

Today I just want to share with you those things with some of my pictures..

Clad yourself with yellow color saree. Previously I thought that only the students of Viswas bharati clad themselves with yellow colored saree but I was wrong. Even the visitors wear the yellow color saree.IMG_2131

Decorate your hair with the garland made of Dhak or Palas flowers. If the palas is not available in your surroundings then try the artificial gajra available in cosmetic shops. The Palas and Abira are available at the entrance of Viswa Bharati.IMG_2149

You can wear some traditional ornaments. Dokra and white metal jewellery are some traditional ornaments popular in Bolpur or you can put on any ornaments that complement your dress.IMG_2137



These bags are available in Bolpur


This does not mean that if you do not dress up yourself in this way then there will be no entry zone for you. 🙂 :).

If you have not visited Shantiniketan in Holi, visit the place once. You will surely enjoy the tradition.

So wish you all very Happy Holi in advance…:):)



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Nail art has now become a top most trend in the field of fashion. There are so many designs…simple, classy, artistic and so one. There are so many color options also. Even 10-15 years ago we could not think about such a wide range of colors. When I was a child I remembered the most popular color at that time was red. In a nutshell there are so many options to make your nails beautiful. The first and the foremost thing is to take care of your nails properly. If your nails are too fragile to break easily, then no nail design or color can make it attractive.

Today I am going to share with you some natural ways to take care of your nails..

  1. As you all know it is very important to keep your nails clean. So dip your nails in lukewarm water. You can add baby shampoo in the water.
  2. Next scrub the nails with a soft scrubber or tooth brush once in a week.
  3. Apply a good moisturizer or olive oil and massage it gently
  4. To get rid of fragile nails take a lemon juice in a bowl. Dip the cotton ball in the juice and apply on your nails. This is a great remedy not only for fragile nails but it also provides shine in nails. You can also rub a piece of lemon on your nails.

    Without Nail Polish
  5. Use a good nail polish remover.
  6. Last but not the least takes food that contains calcium and iron.

So enjoy the nail art, several colors and whatever you want to make your nails attractive.

Here i am sharing with you some colors that i have tried in last few days ….



I love colors and love to paint my nails also..what about you guys????




Mehendi is an essential part in the occasion of marriage ceremony. There is a ritual to do mehendi in the hands of would -be bride (in some traditions in the hands of the groom also). But it is not done just only to decorate the hands of the bride or to make the bride more beautiful. It has some valid reasons behind it. Various mehendi cons are now available in the market. Earlier at the time of my grandmother, they used to collect the henna leaves, made paste of it and applied it with a stick on their hands. Cons made it easy for us. It is often said that the color of mehendi indicates how much your partner is in love with you. This concept upset me much because I never got that color. Later one of my students suggested me to apply lemon juice and sugar when the mehendi will begin to dry and also not to wash it with water, just wipe it with a tissue or can apply oil. I followed the instructions and finally succeeded.

I have said that applying mehendi has some valid reasons. So here they are… first of all it helps to reduce stress. There are so many thoughts that enclosed our mind at the time of marriage…. Nervousness of entering into a new world, to be far away from our near and dear ones and so many feelings. So we need something that helps us to make our mind cool and Mehdi is there for us. Secondly it has cooling effect. When you will apply it, you will definitely feel a cooling sensation. It also consists antiseptic properties. For all these I love and respect Indian culture so much.

This time I also tried to draw some designs on my hand. No! no! I am not getting married. I am just trying this. But I am very bad in drawing. So I have drawn a simple design and one of my students drawn some beautiful designs…here they are….

Drawn by me

Finally got that color..:)

Drawn by one of my students…_20170213_192608_20170213_192541_20170213_192628

Style with Saree

In my previous post I have mentioned about Bengali Style Saree draping. Previously Bengalis used to drape sari in this way. Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother Satyendranath Tgore’s wife Jnanadanandini Devi brought the modern way to wear saree. She may be called the pioneer of making style with saree. With the advancement of time we experiment different types of style… for party, to look slim and whatever the situation demands.

I love to wear sari. It is said that nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does.


I have opted this style as it is much easier. I named this style “Mein aanchal to lehera du par barsaat na ho jaye”. It is not too hard just left the pallu open and pin it tightly with the blouse. This is normal yet stylish party wear look and I think the smart look.


img_0103I call it “didi tera devar deewana” style. It is generally called Gujrati style. As my saree is heavy enough, I may look fattyJJ that’s why I opted this style.  I think this style is very comfortable as you have not to bother about your pallu.


img_20150205_201917-2This time I made my style with Mekhela Saree. It is the traditional Assamese dress, worn by women irrespective of ages. I did pleats in pallu so that the lower portion of Mekhela can be seen properly.


img_4820Lastly I worn a dress which is known as Gopi dress and which I love so much. This is a beautiful dress. It is very easy to wear dress. It is available in wrapper and skirt style. Just wrap the wrapper or wear the skirt. You can make different styles with the dupatta also.

That’s all ladies for today. So feel good and you will look better and be simple as beauty depends on simplicity.