Prevent Pigmentation…


Pigmentation is now a burning problem. There are  various reasons of pigmentation…over exposure to sun, pregnancy, undergoing some medical treatment or hormonal changes.

Some Words On Pigmentation

There are two types of pigmentation….Hyper-pigmentation (an increase in melanin) and Hypo-pigmentation (reduction in melanin production). There is a substance in our skin which is called melanin. The melanin provides protection on our skin. Due to the increase or decrease of melanin production, a change is created in skin color.

Some Home Remedies to follow to get rid of pigmentation

First if all Tulsi or Holy Basil is an ideal option to prevent any kind of skin problems. You can take 2-3 leaves of tulsi in the morning in empty stomach. It will help to cure pigmentation from the root.2-basil-625_626x350_61446529505

You can also make paste of tulsi leaves and apply on the pigmented spots.

Almond is another thing that is most helpful to fight against pigmentation. Make a paste of almond, mix it with curd and apply on your face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it with water.

Papaya is rich in Vitamin A. and Lemon is rich in vitamin C and acts as natural bleaching agent. The mixture of two can make your skin spot free. Make a paste of papaya, mix it with lemon juice. Apply on your face once in a week. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash with water.

Potatoes contain enzymes that help to cure pigmentation. You can make raw potato juice or can grate the potato and apply on your affected areas.Raw-potatoes-for-health

You can also make a toner at home. Take one cup of water, give 6-7 tulsi leaves, 6-7 mint leaves and80 neem leaves… Boil them properly. Leave it to become cool then sieve the water. Pour it in a container and store the toner in freeze. Apply the toner every time after washing your face.

Avoid direct sun exposure. Apply a good quality of sun screen.

A good facial massage is also helpful to cure pigmentation.

These are the simple ways you can follow. Above all be patient. It takes some time to cure.


Patanjali Orange Aloe Vera Face Wash…Review

Exif_JPEG_420In the skin care routine the first thing that is essential is to wash or clean your face properly. In summer days especially when I am in travel I need to wash my face every now and then. So I was looking for a herbal product with the thought that frequent use of face wash will not create any harm on my skin and I bought PatanjaOrange – Aloe Vera with Neem and Tulsi Face Wash.


The product comes in a plastic tube with a flip cap with the picture of orange, aloe Vera and tulsi on the front of the tube and the ingredients are written in the back of the tube.

Color and Smell

The color of the product is creamy white and the smell is too bold for my olfactory sense.


The main ingredients of the product are the extracts of orange peel, neem, tulsi and aloe vera.

How to Use

Apply on wet face, massage gently for one minute with water and then wash with sufficient water.


Very small amount or quantity of product is required.Exif_JPEG_420

Price:- Rs. 45/-

Nt.Wt.:- 60g

Best use:- 18 months from MFD.Exif_JPEG_420

  • A Quick View on the…

Usefulness of Orange Peel on Skin

Orange peel helps to reduce the dryness of skin. It cures acne, blackheads. It helps to brighten skin and make our skin smooth as it is rich in Vitamin C.

Usefulness of Neem on Skin

There are manifold utilities of neem. It is most helpful to reduce acne, scars and pimples. It has anti-bacterial properties. Neem helps to fight against skin infection.

Usefulness of Tulsi on Skin

An important herb in Ayurveda, Tulsi is actually a holy herb that reduces all the problems with its holy touch. Tulsi has antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. It cures any kind of skin problems. It provides a youthful glow on skin.

Usefulness of Aloe vera on Skin

Aloe Vera is called the “plant of Immortality”. So what to say about this. It moisturizes our skin, reduce tan, reduces wrinkles and so on and on and on,.

What the Product Claims

It claims that it cleanses gently, nourishes and revitalizes the skin tissues to make complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful.

My Experience

I have an horrible experience with this product. It does not fulfill the claims. It has made my skin dry, feeling cracked and literally I was afraid to smile after w2ashing my face as it seems that it will crack my skin. Not at all reduces blacklist. It is on my no product list.

As we all have a different types of skin so it may suit on your skin but not  suitable for my skin.




That Impressive Girl…

“Who will spend quality time with my parents?” “Who will make them happy whenever they will feel sad?”, “Who will take care of them?”…so many thoughts whirled round my mind whenever I think of my marriage (though I am not getting married in recent future). At first I thought my sister-in-law will take the charge of making my parents happy but the girl my Dada is looking for is tough to have any real existence. So my dreams were shattered. But my findings at last found its shore when I met “Her”….

That day when she was entering into the kitchen, my brother was coming out with a water bottle , they both were in a hurry and did not see each other…a powerful head on collision was about to happen but did not, not because that  my brother has good flexibility rather she also has the swiftness and flexibility. She does not do physical exercise neither she goes to gym but her slim figure is really remarkable.

She is full of life with an expressive face… always smiling and sparkling. We liked her at the first meeting..

Within a few weeks she won my Ma’s heart. She always gives my Ma information about what is going on at our nearby colonies, at our home town, in our country etc..The best nature I have found in her is that though she gives lots of information but never make gossips about any person…it has been long four years we are attached with her but I have never heard her to do so. She always advises my parents to take care of their health..What to do and what not to do…advises them to enjoy every seasons.  many times she has shouted and scolded  my parents for not taking medicines at time and also not taking proper care of their health and every time I become relaxed. She enjoys every season..always smiling ,tripling like a colt. She knows how to live life to the fullest. Except her smiling face and lively nature what I found the best thing of her is that after performing her duties and responsibilities she pursues her desires and dreams also, so far I have observed..She likes the Kurti tops a lot and frequently purchases the dress and many times offer me to wear it first.

So about whom I am talking???? Who is the person???….. she is none other than our cook Sumana Di.

On the day of her appointment my mother asked her some basic questions and we came to know that she is married and has a three years old baby boy. Her husband drives car for hospitals and she lives with her mother. And she has appointed as a cook in our house


After three months of her joining we came to know (from some reliable source) some incidents which made us awe-struck and we began to think how she smiles all the time. The incidents are….

She has three brothers but none of them take care of their mother as she is mentally ill. So Sumana Di (our cook) has taken the total responsibility of her mother. Even her brothers throw them out of the house. She rented a small room and lives there.

She also has a sister whose in-laws are demanding enough and Sumana di fulfills their demand.

The most pathetic part is that her husband never takes care of her and their child. He even does not live with them.

…Sumana Di never makes any complaints, never grudges and never share her sufferings,  accepting the situation with courage and smile.

I have learnt lots of lessons from her.

We, human beings are often suffer from so many problems..Some are real, some are created by our over thinking. We have complaints about so many things. Many of us say to take life as it is and enjoy it but few of us follow it. We are scared of our future and try to make it best.

No formal education, no educational degrees can teach you to  live life Only realization can.


Patanjali Color Protection Hair Conditioner…Review

If you apply color on your hair on regular basis, then you have to take much care of your hair as the color tends to make our hair dry. I apply color on my hair not only for style but out of necessity :))(you know what I mean). Recently I am using this product and thought to share with you.


The product comes in a white tube with a flip .the product claims to condition, nourish and protect hair color. It consists Aloe Vera, Bhirngaraj, China Rose, and Sunflower Oil. The product also says that it provides conditioning for dry and damaged hair, regenerates hair growth and makes hair healthy and strong. The smell is very sweet. The color of the product is white with creamy consistency.IMG_2483


Wash your hair properly with shampoo then apply 2-5g. On hair, massage gently and leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse with water. Apply on hair not on scalp.IMG_2486

Price:- Rs. 60/-

Nt.Wt.:- 100 ml

Best Use:- 24 months from MFD.IMG_2485


It fulfills my purpose of using the product. The product helps to keep the color of my hair for longer period. After the wash my hair becomes shiny and soft. Though my hair is not dry but frequently applying color on my hair tends to make my hair dry but this conditioner protects my hair from being dry by conditioning it properly. It is an herbal product so there is no need to worry for the side effects. Most importantly the product is travel as well as budget friendly.


No visible hair growth

A great quantity/amount of product is required.

So if you have the habit of experimenting different colors on your hair you can use this product for the nourishment of your hair.