My mother has immense belief on natural, home based kitchen ingredients (gharelu nuske) for skin care and always try to persuade me to apply this product. Honestly speaking she has much contribution for my skin. I have left no stone unturned to damage them in my university days by not taking care of them but still it survives and again for her only. So today I decide to share with you my mother’s tips.


Steam is the very first step you have to take. It helps to open your pores. If your pores are open it can now better absorb product you use.


CLEANSING:- to clean your face grind the oatmeal and make a paste of oatmeal with curd. It is the best cleanser even it is said that Cleopatra used to apply oatmeal for cleansing.


EXFOLIATE:- Exfoliation is another important thing for facial. It helps to remove dead skin and increase blood circulation. So for this take a banana and one spoon of sugar. Smashed the banana and mix it with sugar properly. Then apply it on your wet face, massage gently on your skin 2-3 minutes. Then rinse it with water. You can also make a paste of gram flour,sandalwood dust and curd.



TONER:- toner helps to minimize your pores. Cucumber is a natural toner. Chopped the cucumber finely, add rose water in it, apply it on your face, leave it for 10 minutes. Cucumber helps to brighten the skin.


MASSAGE CREAM:- take one spoon almond paste, half spoon honey, one spoon aloe Vera jell and half spoon rose water or curd. Now massage it on your skin 5-8 minutes and rinse it with water.


FACE PACK:-  face pack removes stress, increases the firmness of skin, nourishes the skin and many more. To make a pack take one spoon honey, one spoon egg whites and one spoon glycerin. Mix it properly and apply on your face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it. Carrot is also a good option. At first boil the carrot then make it cool and make paste of it.


So you can try these in weekends. The best thing for these things are…you have not to worry whether it contains parabens or not, whether this chemical suit on your skin or not. It is totally natural so go for it.

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