Back to Blogging…

Huhhhhh…..After a long time…First of all I just want to say that I will not give any kinds of “Excusitis” that means excuse, the honest fact is I am utterly incapable of managing time. That’s totally my fault.
The second confession is…. I miss your posts so much because they help to enhance my knowledge, rejuvenate my mind, broaden my perspectives, get absolute pleasure and above all I have learnt so many things from your posts.
Thirdly, in last few months whenever I visited any place, whenever I came across with some new things, the first thing that knocked in my mind was to share it with you all.
Henceforth I have decided to post twice in week.So continue to shower your love, blessings, affection upon me as before.
So here is a beautiful sunset picture for you all that I captured from the moving car while visiting a holy place.


Some Days with the Artists…

Few days ago an art programme comprising of the adept and eminent personalities in the field of arts and paints from different countries like Spain, Greece,Hungary,Romania,Australia etc participated in our school to inculcate in the minds of our students about the necessity of arts and paints for the beautiful decoration of mind. The programme continued for seven days and the 5th day of this programme was especially allotted for our students. On this day our students staged their performances in different spheres of cultural programme like dance, song, recitation. our colleagues by their untiring endeavor for 10 days made the programme a grand success.


Some art works by the delegates cum artists






The cottages for them in the lap of Nature




Rehearsal Time








Finally the relaxation time..This artist from Romania showed her interest to learn Bollywood dance and tried to match her steps in the song “Maiya Yasoda yeh tera Kanhaiya”.

The artist is in ass colored dress.

The second one from the left is the writer of this blog. i mean its Me…:))

under the guidance of the senior teacher(first one from the right) we were matching the steps.