When anyone gives advice that you should apply body oil in winter to protect your skin so many thoughts gather in our mind. Oil…..no way… I will feel sticky, my dress will be damaged and so on. Today I am going to share with you an body oil that will not make you sticky and damage your dress. This is JAC OLIVOL WITH ITALIAN OLIVE OIL.


The oil comes in a simple plastic bottle. The color is yellowish. The smell is of a sandalwood. It is an effective herbal body oil. As the product claims it is for soft, smooth, glowing and healthy skin. It nourishes and protects skin all year round. The ingredients are enough to make your skin beautiful. This olive oil is enhanced with Italian Olive oil.img_1966


As the packaging denotes…in winter you can apply it after bath and in summer before bath. Take the oil as per your requirements apply it on your skin, massage it properly and leave it for 20 minutes if you are applying before bath.img_1970

Price:- Rs.128/-

Nt.wt.:-300 ml

Best Use:- 36 months.


I am quite satisfied with the oil. I am using this from last three years. What I like about it is that the oil is full of natural herbs. The oil is light enough so it is very easy to apply. It actually nourishes the skin and makes it soft and glowing. I prefer to apply it before bath. It relieves the skin from itchiness. Most importantly it helps to reduce stretch marks. It is easily absorbed in the skin. It relaxes the muscle. Lastly it is very much pocket friendly.


In summer not for oily skin persons.

Take care of your skin and make it supple and beautiful. So you can give it a try at least once.