Review of Avon Simply Pretty Lovely Pink Lipstick

I just love colors. Be it bold, deep and light whatever the color it is. I think every color has its own language I just try to explore them as elegantly as I can. I understood my fascination for colors seven years back when one of my friends asked me my favorite color. I was silent and confused and all the colors were flashing before my eyes but I failed to pick one of them up. My friend thought that maybe I am color blindJ. But that time I realized that I love every colors that Mother Nature has blessed us with.

One of my aunts gifted me this lipstick. I was not familiar with AVON much at that time. But after coming into contact with this lipstick I thought I should share it with everyone.

So today I am going to review of Simply Pretty Lovely Pink Lipstick.

About the Lipstick along with MY Experience

I think the color pink is suitable for all ages. It is also said that pink is the color of ladies. This lipstick will give you creamy feelings. You can apply it both as a light and bold shade. It will stay in your lips 4-5 hours naturally without any messy effect and you will not feel your lips chapped in the winter also. It is suitable for all skin tones. The price is very budget friendly.img-20170123-wa0002img-20170123-wa0001


For the light shade just apply it once and for the bold look apply it twice or thrice.img-20170123-wa0005img-20170123-wa0007

Price:-Rs.165/- approximately (vary as per the offer)

Net Wt.:-4gm.

Best Use:-36 months from the MFD.img-20170123-wa0003


The packaging is very fragile. Sometimes the twist becomes loose.

I am applying this shade now a day in season and out of season. So you can try this and get into the world of pink and make your lips like rosebuds peeping out of snow.


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