The Product Review of NIVEA Creme


“Aaj kal paon jameen pe nehi parte mere”…..this is the line you will definitely sing after following my review.

The product I am going to review today is as old as hills with its multi-tasking ability. I mainly use it to keep my feet beautiful. I am obsessed with my feet. I always take much care of my feet as it takes the burden of carrying 57kgJJ..Ok coming to the point you can use it to smooth your elbow to heal your cracking heels, to soften your lips and so on. You can see the product in the bag of grandmother as well as granddaughter also. The product is none other than Nivea. I think all of you are familiar with this.


The packaging is indeed very simple, a simple blue tin container. The color of the cream is white. The smell is not pungent. The ingredients are mineral oil, glycerine and panthenol. The consistency of the cream is very heavy.img-20170124-wa0006img_1657


First wash the place properly better if you take lukewarm water. Then tap it smoothly and finally take the Nivea as per your need and massage it gently.


I use it to keep my feet beautiful, nourished, smooth and glowing in this harsh winter. As the cream is very thick, it remains all the night at my feet. I am very much satisfied with the product. Again it is very budget friendly.img-20170124-wa0009photo0183

Price:- Rs. 45/-

Net Wt.:-29gm

Best Use:-30 months from MFD.


The lid of the container easily becomes loose and sometimes it opens automatically creating a problem to carry. It is not suitable for oily skin.

So pamper your feet with Nivea and you don’t need to hide your heels under your shoes. Allow the waves, the wind and the sun to play in your bare feet.img-20170124-wa0007

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