Nail Art with Bindi

This time I thought to do some nail art with my bindis. I think this nail art is perfect for party look. As I am not so expert I have tried some easy way to design my nails. I love nail art a lot. So here is my nail art.IMG_2761

At first I have applied the nail polish on my nails. This time I have used the color black as I think black is just appropriate  for party look. To make a slight contrast I have applied blue color in one of my nails.IMG_2764

Then I have used this bindi. This is stone bindi and perfect to give a gorgeous look. You can put it according to your likings. The glue in the bindi is enough to fix it in the nails.IMG_2767IMG_2753

Next I have tried this design bindi in one of my nails to complement the others.IMG_2766IMG_2759

Finally my nails are ready to go for a party.IMG_2760


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