ELLE18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

I am fresher in the field of Blogging. This is my first blog post in my first blog.

This post is about kohl or kajal as I consider eyes to be the most substantial part of our lives. So I think to set in my journey with this. It is said that “The eyes are the window of the soul”…so I have opened my window and you all are cordially welcome in this home.


I was acquainted with kajal through my mother when I was a baby—may be when I was 3-4 months infant. My mother always aspires to have me beautiful eyes. She used kajal as it is believed that it protects against our eyes ailments. She used to take a “Monosa’ leaf and applied mustard oil or ghee on the leaf and was kept above a burning lamp and made kajal.

Years passed away and my fondness for kajal begins to increase. I love to apply kajal and I apply it every now and then. Possibly with the hope that one day someone will tell me “tere mast mast do nain mere dil ka le gaye chain” or like Andrew Marvell “An hundred years should go to praise thine eyes” (but unfortunately did not get yet). Jokes apart for this tremendous attachment with kajal I tried many kajals in my life. I like the kajal which has a long lasting effect without smudging and above all which has a bold color.

Today I am going to share with you about a kajal which I am applying now a day. This is ELLE 18 EYE DRAMA BOLD BLACk. It has arrived in the market with its beautiful packaging that will surely attract your eyes.img_1598


The packaging denotes that this kajal will give you a dramatic look. It is smudge proof as well as water proof (Though I never tested it by shedding tears J J). The best part of this kajal is that the persons who wear contact lens can apply it without any dilemma. It is ophthalmological tested.


Be it smokey winged or whatever the look you long for this kajal will help you to get that look. To form a long wing you have to apply it from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer corner. To get that dramatic black look just make two strokes. It manages beautifully in the waterline area and stay 7-8 hours in my water line area.img_1602


Net weight:-0.35g

Best use:-24 months from MFD.img_1593


The product fulfills all the qualities that it claims but one thing I experienced after applying that it is not totally smudge proof. For any reason if you have to blink your eyes rapidly then it will smudge. It will also create a smudge after 7-8 hours. This small lacuna is ignorable for the other better results that it provides.

In a nutshell I can say enhance, beautify and increase the language of your eyes through ELLE18 EYE DRAMA BOLD BLACK

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