A Part of our Garden

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”…Marcus Tullius Cicero. So true. I have realized this after seeing my parents. We have a lovely garden and all the credits go to my parents. They spend long time in the garden. They perform all the activities themselves…dig the land, sow the seeds, water the plants, apply fertilizer everything as if the trees are their children. So today I thought to share with you the one part of their garden.

Baby Pumpkin




Egg Plant with a bud 


All the limes are already booked


Baby Tomato



Curry plant


Beans, bitter melon/bitter squash cucumber and some others are now in germination period. when they will sprout i will share with you all.

33 thoughts on “A Part of our Garden

  1. I love your Garden Trayee 🙂 We have tomatoes, lemons and chillies at home although I keep growing seasonal vegetables from time to time…It’s an amazing feeling to observe these plants develop from that one little seedling to somehthing so beautful..Big hug to all your plants 🙂

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  2. yogensarswat

    A tiny garden always makes you happy !! Beautiful garden , so you & your family uses vegetables from your own garden ?
    सही है , वैसे भी टमाटर 80 / Kg चल रहे हैं 🙂

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    1. Yes Sir We use some of the vegetables from our garden.. Thank you so much…So glad that you liked our garden actually the credit goes to my parents.

      Ha ha haa:))


    1. Good to know you are building your library and surely one day you have a garden to tend. Thank you so much for reading my post.

      I like your writings a lot and there are so many in my favorite list but to name a few “Everyday Diwali”,”Thank you,,Maa”,Happy Girls make Happy Homes,”Late Wife”and so many.
      I don’t have account in blogger that’s why i cant share my feelings in your writings.


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