Be Relaxed after Holi

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Today’s post is about how to take care of your skin after Holi.

Don’t take stress to remove the colors from your skin then and there.

Use the cold water I mean normal temperature water.

  1. At first wash your face with simple water. Don’t rub or scrub your skin too much.
  2. Now apply face wash and gently massage it on your skin.
  3. After washing your skin wipe it properly and then apply coconut oil or baby oil. Massage the oil gently leaves it for 5-10 minutes. Now take a cotton ball and remove the oil with this.
  4. Make a paste with gram flour, curd and lemon juice. Apply on your skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your face. You can all make a paste of gram flour and milk creme.
  5. Now apply a good quantity of moisturizer on your skin.
  6. Don’t go for a facial for one week.
  7. FOR BODY… apply shower gel or herbal soap. After wash you can apply coconut oil or body oil.
  8. FOR HAIR… wash your hair with water. Then apply herbal or mild shampoo on the scalp and massage it and leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash it. Then apply a good conditioner.
  9. FOR LIPS… take one tea spoon of milk add 10-12 drops of lemon juice and 4-5 drops of honey. Apply this on your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes. You will get soft rosy lips.

If still some color remain don’t worry it will be removed after your every shower. It will indicate that you have enjoyed the Holi to your heart’s content. If you will follow my previous suggestions “Be Aware before Holi” then the colors will not take much time to remove.

If you want to share some of your suggestions, Please do.

What’s your planning for Holi Guys…

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