Holi in Shantiniketan

It seems that Nature is busy to make preparations. The Palas (Dhak/Bengal Kino) flowers make us aware that the “Festival of Color” is approaching. I am very excited as I love this festival so much. Holi or Basant Utsav is famous in Hindu religion also. Holi is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm…in Braj region, Gujrat, Assam, Nepal and so on. One such place which is popular for the celebration of Holi is Shantiniketan in Bolpur. Shantiniketan is a town in the district of Birbhum, west bengal where Rabindranath Tagore set up Viswabharati Unversity. The place is famous for its cultural heritage.

Once I had the opportunity to see Holi or Basant Utsav in Shantiniketan. Three years ago when I decided to visit Shantiniketan in Holi, one of my friends who lived in Bolpur at that time suggested me how to dress up for the festival.

Today I just want to share with you those things with some of my pictures..

Clad yourself with yellow color saree. Previously I thought that only the students of Viswas bharati clad themselves with yellow colored saree but I was wrong. Even the visitors wear the yellow color saree.IMG_2131

Decorate your hair with the garland made of Dhak or Palas flowers. If the palas is not available in your surroundings then try the artificial gajra available in cosmetic shops. The Palas and Abira are available at the entrance of Viswa Bharati.IMG_2149

You can wear some traditional ornaments. Dokra and white metal jewellery are some traditional ornaments popular in Bolpur or you can put on any ornaments that complement your dress.IMG_2137



These bags are available in Bolpur


This does not mean that if you do not dress up yourself in this way then there will be no entry zone for you. 🙂 :).

If you have not visited Shantiniketan in Holi, visit the place once. You will surely enjoy the tradition.

So wish you all very Happy Holi in advance…:):)


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