“Television had not yet been exhibited the advertisement in this respect, take this”….said the shopkeeper uncle and yes I was convinced by thought to use this before it displayed in television. I am saying about LUX LEGENDS COLLECTION SOAP. I bought the ICONIC IRIS as I am diehard fan of Madhuri Dixit…her charming smile, her grace I love all these. When I bought the soap the dialogue came into my mind….”Sheeshe ke jaisa ang hai, phoolon ke jaisa rang hai…kya husn hai kya chall hai”…The famous dialogue from the movie “WAJOOD”. Ok coming the point today is the 2nd day I am using the soap and thought to share with you.


The soap comes in an elegant black color cardboard box with Madhuri’sbeautiful smiling face. The letters are written in golden and white. In both the sides of the packet, a picture of a perfume bottle is drawn beautifully to make it more attractive. The color of the soap is sweet purple and again a picture of a perfume bottle is drawn in it . The fragrance is too bold. The packaging says that this soap is inspired by Madhuri’s Madhosh Ehsaas, this perfumed bar takes the soft caring notes of Moroccan Iris and Patchouli oil to create a fragrance that epitomizes Madhuri”s captivating grace.

Moroccan is a country situated in northern Africa and Iris is a plant with purple or yellow color flowers and sword shaped leaves. It also consists patchouli oil. Patchouli is a plant and belongs to bushy herb mint family. It is used in the soap as it is famous for its strong scent.

Price:- Rs.32/-

Nt.Wt:- 75gm

Best Use:- 30 months from MFD.



As I have mentioned this is the second day I am using this and I am totally mesmerized by the fragrance of it. Summer is knocking at our doors and the perfume of this soap will keep you fresh. The perfume stays on my body 3-3:30 hours.


Not for dry skin people and better to avoid applying on face.

So guys you can give it a try.

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