Mehendi is an essential part in the occasion of marriage ceremony. There is a ritual to do mehendi in the hands of would -be bride (in some traditions in the hands of the groom also). But it is not done just only to decorate the hands of the bride or to make the bride more beautiful. It has some valid reasons behind it. Various mehendi cons are now available in the market. Earlier at the time of my grandmother, they used to collect the henna leaves, made paste of it and applied it with a stick on their hands. Cons made it easy for us. It is often said that the color of mehendi indicates how much your partner is in love with you. This concept upset me much because I never got that color. Later one of my students suggested me to apply lemon juice and sugar when the mehendi will begin to dry and also not to wash it with water, just wipe it with a tissue or can apply oil. I followed the instructions and finally succeeded.

I have said that applying mehendi has some valid reasons. So here they are… first of all it helps to reduce stress. There are so many thoughts that enclosed our mind at the time of marriage…. Nervousness of entering into a new world, to be far away from our near and dear ones and so many feelings. So we need something that helps us to make our mind cool and Mehdi is there for us. Secondly it has cooling effect. When you will apply it, you will definitely feel a cooling sensation. It also consists antiseptic properties. For all these I love and respect Indian culture so much.

This time I also tried to draw some designs on my hand. No! no! I am not getting married. I am just trying this. But I am very bad in drawing. So I have drawn a simple design and one of my students drawn some beautiful designs…here they are….

Drawn by me

Finally got that color..:)

Drawn by one of my students…_20170213_192608_20170213_192541_20170213_192628

15 thoughts on “MEHENDI DESIGNS

  1. कला श्री

    ये सिर्फ मेहँदी का रंग ही नहीं ख्वाब हैं
    दिल में उमड़ते हजारों सवालों के जवाब हैं.

    बहुत ही प्यारी, न्यारी मेहँदी है.

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