img_1750“Jalta rahe suraj, chand rahe maddham yeh khawb hai mushkil,naa mil sakenge hum”…. The line beautifully expressed the feeling of the heart. But whenever the thought of “burning sun” came into our mind, the first and foremost thing that also came into our mind is about “tanning”. Yes!!!!!! The burning problem now-a-day is “tanning”. With the gradual development of pollution and ultraviolet rays we have to bother much of our skin protection from sun and there are wide ranges of sunscreen lotion that claims to protect our skin from sun-rays. Yes today my post is about LAKME SUN EXPERT SPF24.


The shape of this curvy yellow color bottle is like other lakme lotions is nice with a flip cap. It is SPF 24 and for all skin types. It claims to provide the skin protection from both UVA and UVB. The fragrance is mild enough. It is dermatological tested. The lotion is yellowish in color. The ingredients are rich with anti-oxidant…cucumber, lemon grass extracts and vitamin B3.img_1751


Apply on the place that are exposed to sun. Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure. It takes one to two minutes to absorb in the face properly.


Net Wt.:-120ml

Best Use:-24 months from MFD.


It is fairness+Sunscreen that attracts me most. It does the work of a sunscreen lotion and at the same time restore the natural color of my skin. As it is for all types of skin so I picked it up without any hesitation. It absorbs nicely in my skin giving me protection from the sun. It does not provide me any greasy feeling. The most important thing is that it helps to fight wrinkles and premature aging caused by UVA and it also helps to protect the skin from UVB that usually burn the superficial layer of our skin and develop skin cancer. SPF 24 means that 1/24th of the burning radiation reaches the skin. I use it when I am in indoors or not in the much sun exposure.


There are so many chemicals in this product. I did not find any visible fairness in my skin.

Enjoy the warmth of the sun and forget about tanning. Now don’t worry whether “JALTA RAHE SURAJ” or “SURAJ HUA MADDHAM”.


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