Style with Saree

In my previous post I have mentioned about Bengali Style Saree draping. Previously Bengalis used to drape sari in this way. Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother Satyendranath Tgore’s wife Jnanadanandini Devi brought the modern way to wear saree. She may be called the pioneer of making style with saree. With the advancement of time we experiment different types of style… for party, to look slim and whatever the situation demands.

I love to wear sari. It is said that nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does.


I have opted this style as it is much easier. I named this style “Mein aanchal to lehera du par barsaat na ho jaye”. It is not too hard just left the pallu open and pin it tightly with the blouse. This is normal yet stylish party wear look and I think the smart look.


img_0103I call it “didi tera devar deewana” style. It is generally called Gujrati style. As my saree is heavy enough, I may look fattyJJ that’s why I opted this style.  I think this style is very comfortable as you have not to bother about your pallu.


img_20150205_201917-2This time I made my style with Mekhela Saree. It is the traditional Assamese dress, worn by women irrespective of ages. I did pleats in pallu so that the lower portion of Mekhela can be seen properly.


img_4820Lastly I worn a dress which is known as Gopi dress and which I love so much. This is a beautiful dress. It is very easy to wear dress. It is available in wrapper and skirt style. Just wrap the wrapper or wear the skirt. You can make different styles with the dupatta also.

That’s all ladies for today. So feel good and you will look better and be simple as beauty depends on simplicity.



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