img-20160616-wa0000“Yeh kaali kaali ankhein yeh gore gore gaal”….. I have already mentioned how to make “kaali kaali ankhein” now it is turn for “gore gore gaal”…

We all long for not gore gore gaal rather to say for glowing skin. I love the skin…. That reflects beauty that soothes the eyes, that attracts the attention. It is said that the face is the mirror of mind and I don’t want to know everyone what is going on my mindJJ.. But as I am over sensitive to cold I don’t like to follow a long list of beauty regime. when I came in contact with these two products I realized that these are the products I was in search of.

The first one in this list is a Face wash. But it is not only a simple face wash guys. It is LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE INTENSE WHITENING FACE WASH.


The packaging is simple yet eye-catching. The color is pinkish white with a mild mood creating smell. As the packaging denotes the product has de-tanning &skin polishing action. It will give you fair looking skin. The ingredients are full of those contents that absolutely help to provide the skin the best wash and nourishment.img_1663

img_1666HOW TO USE

Just take the product as per your need and massage it into a circular motion and rinse it with water.

PRICE:-Rs 120/-

NT Wt:-50g

Best Use:-24 months from MFD.


It actually boost my skin. It cleans the skin from the deepest layer and what I liked about it most is that after wash I never felt any pricking sensation. There is a soft and moist feeling and it gives a glowing look and you will feel it after 7-8 days of your use.img_0498


The cover should be more easy may be a flip one and then it will be good in a moment of hurry, nothing more than that.

As you have done the first step of washing your face properly to make it glow now restore the glowing by applying a good moisturizer. Now I am going to share with you the moisturizer that I am applying for three years in winter. This is LAKME MAXIMUM MOISTURISER WINTER INTENSE.


The shape of this creamy white bottle is very nice with a flip cover. The smell is very sweet and the color of the crème is white.img_1667

IMG_1668.jpgHOW TO USE

After washing your face with LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE INTENSE WHITENING FACE WASH apply the moisturizer on your face and massage it 2-3 minutes until the crème is totally absorbed.

Price:-Rs 115/-

Net Wt:-60 ml

Best use:-24 months from MFD>

As the crème is MAXIMUM MOISTURISER WINTER INTENSE, you may think that it will be more oily or greasy in feeling. I also thought it but the crème broke my notion totally. At first it looks like greasy but after massaging it properly you will not look oily. As it is the winter moisturizer, it provides the perfect protection on your skin. It stays on my skin 4-5 hours and left a soft and smooth effect on my skin. Overall I am contented with the crème. I have a combined skin and it suits properly on my skin. Even my mom who has an oily skin and she is also satisfied with this.

Though the LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE INTENSE WHITENING FACE WASH advices to apply LAKME PERFECT RADIANCE DAY OR NIGHT CRÈME for the best result, you can team up these two products mentioned by me at least once.img_1673


It is not SPF proof.

So girls no need to depend totally on foundation as the best foundation is glowing healthy skin. So just make it

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